Snowy surprise



Such a lovely morning! Just the thing I needed to start feeling festive! Put a little peppermint & cocoa in my coffee & a little early holiday music & I’m ready to start some wintery animals!

New Halloween Animals Tonight!

Meet the Halloween gang who will be listed on ebay tonight at 9pm EST. Click on the name of each animal to follow the links to the auctions tonight! *Please note, if you click on the links before 9 pm EST, the listing will not be there*
H14MonsieurMonsieur Mouse!
H14Happy Halloween!
Click here for my seller page to see all listings.

Halloween animals!

Hi there! I am so excited to be offering some new Halloween critters next week! I have had so much fun working on them – it feels really good to be creating again! These are some of my favorite animals to date! I hope you’ll love them too!

I’ll be selling them on ebay, so you can follow the link over there when the sale starts! I do hope you’ll take a peek and bring home a new friend for Halloween!
Please get in touch with any questions!

Merry Christmas!

Happy Easter!

Planning a wee Spring update for mid-April…details to come

Wee Felt Worlds! (and a giveaway!)

Hello blog friends!! Glad to see you haven’t given up on me! I have been in hiding for awhile, trying to avoid winter. Attempting to learn how to knit, wasting hours on Pinterest, suffering on a sugar detox. The usual winter past-times! :)
I am emerging from my cave for an exciting announcement! The book, Wee Felt Worlds, by Lark,  has been released, and I am so happy to be a part of it, and super thrilled to have my wee camping scene on the cover!

You have to love that adorable pink alien creeping up behind a bush! There are lots of fun mish mashed scenes like this in the book!
The book includes 50 mini projects to make, to complete cute little sets, such as my camping scene (aptly titled Little Cub’s Adventure!),  Land of Dinosaurs,  Circus Maximus, Sweet Shoppe, Silly Science Lab, Wooly Woodland, and more! There are lots of talented artists featured; Cathy Gaubert, Michelle Kiker, Chrissy Mahuna, Heide Murray & Aimee Ray!

In honor of the book’s release Lark is providing a copy for a lucky reader! Just leave a comment here by the 28th (12 noon EST) and I’ll randomly choose a winner! The winner is Jennie Hicks!
ALSO, if you head over to the Lark Crafts blog they are having lots of fun giveaways, including the current one, which is a create a caption contest for one of the silly scenes in the book:


Luckily, we survived Sandy relatively unscathed, although we have family and  friends who have suffered great damage to their property, but thankfully not themselves. Everyone is safe, and that’s all that matters. Our hearts go out to those who lost everything. And now another storm is on the way…So awful to have to deal with picking up the pieces of your life, and then to have more damaging weather on the way that may prove to be a setback.
We lost our power for 7 days, and have many friends who are still without it. I have to say, I really didn’t mind being without electricity. It was just a minor inconvenience, relatively. We were all together as a family, we were warmed by our fire, we were able to eat thanks to a gas stove, and we had prepared by filling our tub w/ water and having lots of drinking water on hand.  I froze a bunch of empty bottles and ziploc bags filled with water and had those in our fridge & freezer, so we didn’t lose alot of food. I did try to cook up what we had, though, which had me feeling sort of inspired in the kitchen.

We all hunkered down in the living room by the fire. So this was pretty much Jay’s post the whole time. tending the fire, getting more wood, throwing on more logs. Here was my post alot of the time…(Here I’m reading the Swan Thieves. I just started the new Kate Morton, the Secret Keeper. Love her books.)
Brussels sprouts take on a certain allure in the candlelight…
I think the food tasted better by candlelight as well. I pretty much winged it with all of the dinners, and everything seemed extra tasty. Normally I cook pork tenderloin (above) in the oven or the grill, but it came out great on the stovetop, seared in a cast irion skillet and then braised in apple cider and onions. I think it will be my new go-to. We also made a giant pot of chicken soup and the wok saw alot of action.
In the evenings, we all sat together by the fire, and felt sleepy so early without tv and the internet to keep us up. I like how life became whittled down to the basics. Warmth, light, food.  So thankful to be all together, safe and sound.

Locust Grove

After the Sheep and Wool Festival, we decided to check out Locust Grove, the historic estate of Samuel Morse. I love all of the estates along the Hudson. Each year around this time we go to a different one. The views are always so gorgeous with the fall foliage. This house was not enormous, but the impressive thing about it, is that it has all of the original items from the last family to live in the house, the Youngs. Tons of stuff, including all of the minutae and tchotchkes, which I adore. Of course, no pics are allowed in these places, and the tour was so small, so I couldn’t be sneaky. I managed to risk it and take one pic of this great old dollhouse, with little china dolls. Someday I will wile away the hours on my ultimate dollhouse….it will happen!

Sheep and Wool

Last weekend we finally made it to the Sheep and Wool Festival in Rhinebeck, NY. I have friends who go every year and rave about it, so we decided to check it out on our annual fall drive to NY State. I have to admit, I was a bit overwhelmed with how crowded and enormous it was, so I only got a few pictures. I’ll definitely go back next year, though. Get there early in the day, and instead of dragging my poor husband, maybe I’ll go with my fellow wool loving friends!


Here are some photos from earlier in October, when we went to Millbrook Days, which is our favorite fall event! Last year it was cancelled because of all of the crazy weather we had on the east coast, so were really happy it was back this year!