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merry christmas…..


boxwood chandelier

Boxwood greens for the chandelier, which, acoording to the Bigbee Brown’s in Tasha Tudor’s Corgiville Christmas, "do not shed needles into the teacups below, as spruce and balsam do…"




bottlebrush trees

I’m not sure why it’s taken me so long to figure this one out…

Start with those cheapy trees that come in a bag of like 20 at the craft store…


Dunk them in a bleach/water combo. The more bleach you use the faster the color will be removed, but also the stinkier it will be. My first try I used a little bleach, maybe a couple of capfuls, and filled up the tiny side of my sink with water. It took about all day to get a white tree. The next try I dumped rather alot of bleach in there, and in about 5 minutes, I had white trees…


Then, voila! I was going to run out and get some RIT dye and get some nice vintagey colors going, but my car is currently stuck in my icy driveway… I think the white is rather nice! I added some glass glitter to one, a bit of tarnished tinsel to another. I’m going to bleach the whole bag of trees and have a white bottlebrush forest to accompany my not yet made glittery cardboard vintage- village (maybe I’ll get to that one next year!)

It would also be nice to pull off those plastic snow bases, and maybe use wooden discs at the bases for a more authentic look.

New Holiday Bears and Friends on ebay!




Pictures from this week…

So surprised to wake up to snow! I think it was Monday? I can’t remember now…
Outside the door…my rusty old planter with leaves and bittersweet from the yard. I had more leaves stuck in there, but they blew away :) Oh, as you can see, the snow was totally gone by then. It was like 60 degrees on Thanksgiving. poo. Would have been much cozier with snow!
Groggy, messy-haired me stuffing the bird…
A quick pic Jay took of the table all set while somewhere in the background there, I am slaving away at the stove
Dessert table…my downfall!!
Wish I took more pics of the scrumptious feast, but I was a bit preoccupied. It all turned out really, well, though! I hope everyone else had a lovely Thanksgiving day!


Watching Martha Stewart, and they’re making these:

rather cute…and the dots are needle felted, how appropriate! If it weren’t so chilly today, I’d go forage in the forest for a fallen tree and get Jay out there with the chainsaw! Toadstool seats for the Thanksgiving guests!


I wish I could get into the city to see this Doubtful. But oh my. Jen Corace is the best. This painting reminds me of my favorite illustrator of all time, Gladys Peto. I’ll post some of her stuff soon. Really inspiring.

Anyway…I’m off to make numerous lists detailing the gazillion things that need to be accomplished by next week. blah!


I am very excited to be on the last phase of the book! Just finishing up the final author review, and the next time I see it, it will be the real thing! woo!  Also, I’m trying very hard to get some critters made for a holiday sale. Expect some big ones, as well as a few wee ornaments. I do have a list that is a mile long of household task that need completion before turkey day. The housework does tend to get neglected around here. In my defense, it is a bit hard to get anything done with little missy, who is clearly in the midst of the terrible twos (albeit a bit early) She is very much in need of attention from Mama, non-stop attention from Mama. Hanging on my leg, doing her little fakey cry,with her lips all puckered out in this ridiculous "look at how pathetic and sad I am" face. Very funny. Although a bit tiresome. 
Ohh, and in case you may have forgotten…Project Runway starts tonight…awww, yeah.

It feels like snow!!

It is super chilly today, and the sky looks like snow! I think we’re supposed to get some flurries. Hurray!  Perfect night to start a fire and curl up.

I can’t believe how quickly the holidays are approaching. I kind of freaked out when I looked at the calendar to see Thanksgiving looming right around the corner. And I kind of freaked out when I remembered that it is AT MY HOUSE! Yikes. I better get with it. I always just kind of mentally jump ahead to Christmas. I was at Michaels the other day, and of course, the Martha Stewart craft stuff is out for the holidays. Oh, lordy. It is hard to control myself. I did, though. I managed to walk away with only one thing (for now) that I felt was a necessary purchase, as I saw other ladies eyeballing them greedily…


So sweet! I do have some eggs and walnuts, but have never seen the acorns. They also have pinecones. Anyway. I will go back because there were many other things that were rather nice. I really want to make the majority of my gifts this year, but I’ll end up spending a small fortune on packaging and ribbon, etc. So, perhaps it is fruitless. But it’s so fun to wrap! That’s the best part, really. I think so.

Grey Day

Feeling very moody and atmospheric today, watching Jane Eyre … well, that is, in between picking up macaroni & cheese and goldfish crackers off the floor, and changing diapers.such is life.


jack o’lanterns by the back door
little chicken trick-or-treating