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Cute & Clever Needle Felting on Etsy!

While perusing etsy the other night, I came across some really clever needle felted creations! It’s really fun to see how this technique is taking off and branching out. Here’s a a little sampling.

Little Seedling by detailsstore

Felt Purse by lusitania

Family Row of Birds in a Nest by gotcrowcreations
Moss Wrist Pincushion by Ottoman

scenes from around the house…and a birthday

So, it would seem that what we have here is more of a photo oriented blog, as I find it challenging to be verbose… Well, here, I’ll chat a little…today was my birthday (30!), but it was a rather quiet day. Not much to report. Clara and I puttered around the house and stayed in our pjs until a rather unacceptable hour.  Dishes remained piled in the sink and other household duties were neglected. My little gift to myself. We waited lazily until it was time to make the trek to my Mom’s house for Lasagna and Angel Food cake stuffed with chocolate whipped cream. Lordy, that is good. She’s been making that cake for as long as I can remember. Simple and yummy.
Oh, I should mention that Jay got me a glorious new laptop! Hurray! Now I can venture out of the office and do computer-y things on the fly. Thank you, thank you!
As for the scenes from around the house, here are a few:

Another Autumn weekend…

Another great fall weekend. We hiked up to a waterfall and marveled at all of the misty, mossy loveliness, and then, of course, we had to take Clara to pick out a pumpkin! It is amazing how every little thing becomes so exciting when you have a baby. You really do see it all through their eyes.


Anyone who is skeptical about NJ, do you see how lovely it can be?


So, I got the new Anthropologie catalog last week, and I spotted these little felt ottomans…
which got me thinking about felt ottomans in general, and I stumbled across these woolly pretties…
which are from
Festive Fibers

I am really inspired to make a felt ottoman now, needless to say. We have a big scholarly leather chair that I think needs a colorful footrest, as right now it has some boring beige thing. hmmm…

Wendt & Kuehn

As though I somehow need more trinkets on my shelves, I really want to start a collection of these!

and these too

Check the rest out here! Too stinkin’ cute!


Autumn Days….

Last weekend we headed out to experience a bounty of autumnal goodness at a local historic village. It was the most perfect, clear, fall day. And I kept insisting that it was going to "smell so nice" at this event. And it certainly did. Apple butter cooking, little fires going to heat the pots for dying yarn and dipping candles, fresh apple cider…all very wholesome. Jay even stopped to fiddle with some guys just hanging out by the side of the woods.