Wendt & Kuehn

As though I somehow need more trinkets on my shelves, I really want to start a collection of these!

and these too

Check the rest out here! Too stinkin’ cute!


4 Responses to Wendt & Kuehn

  1. I owned the little girl eating porridge when I was a girl!! They used to sell these at Christmas time at a local department store. I special gazebo would be set up in the center of the main floor, and there would be cubbies full of these! It was devine, I had forgotten about them until I read you blog! Pam

  2. These are adorable! tfs

  3. I love these little children. There’s a toy shop here in that toys from this company.
    They are just adorable.
    Enjoy collecting1

  4. i just saw something like these at HomeGoods. not nearly as cute, but they had some decent ones for only $7.99. i think i might have to go get some.
    so happy to see your new blog…i’m linkin!