scenes from around the house…and a birthday

So, it would seem that what we have here is more of a photo oriented blog, as I find it challenging to be verbose… Well, here, I’ll chat a little…today was my birthday (30!), but it was a rather quiet day. Not much to report. Clara and I puttered around the house and stayed in our pjs until a rather unacceptable hour.  Dishes remained piled in the sink and other household duties were neglected. My little gift to myself. We waited lazily until it was time to make the trek to my Mom’s house for Lasagna and Angel Food cake stuffed with chocolate whipped cream. Lordy, that is good. She’s been making that cake for as long as I can remember. Simple and yummy.
Oh, I should mention that Jay got me a glorious new laptop! Hurray! Now I can venture out of the office and do computer-y things on the fly. Thank you, thank you!
As for the scenes from around the house, here are a few:

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