It feels like snow!!

It is super chilly today, and the sky looks like snow! I think we’re supposed to get some flurries. Hurray!  Perfect night to start a fire and curl up.

I can’t believe how quickly the holidays are approaching. I kind of freaked out when I looked at the calendar to see Thanksgiving looming right around the corner. And I kind of freaked out when I remembered that it is AT MY HOUSE! Yikes. I better get with it. I always just kind of mentally jump ahead to Christmas. I was at Michaels the other day, and of course, the Martha Stewart craft stuff is out for the holidays. Oh, lordy. It is hard to control myself. I did, though. I managed to walk away with only one thing (for now) that I felt was a necessary purchase, as I saw other ladies eyeballing them greedily…


So sweet! I do have some eggs and walnuts, but have never seen the acorns. They also have pinecones. Anyway. I will go back because there were many other things that were rather nice. I really want to make the majority of my gifts this year, but I’ll end up spending a small fortune on packaging and ribbon, etc. So, perhaps it is fruitless. But it’s so fun to wrap! That’s the best part, really. I think so.

4 Responses to It feels like snow!!

  1. Love those. I haven’t seen the new stuff yet.

  2. Oh gosh. I did go in last night…just to see the new Martha stuff…and I DID see those but didn’t stop to think they actually opened. duh! Now I must go back. Thanks! :-)

  3. I know. I’m drooling over everything in the Martha aisle. I’m not sure when they bother to carry anything else in the store. ;) I love those acorns and didn’t even notice them. I might have to make a trip back.

  4. Wow! Where in the heck have I been?! I didn’t even know that Michael’s carried Martha stuff….must go tomorrow to scope it out!
    Love the glittered acorns….my husband is the king of all that glitters, so perhaps I can find something for him to glitter up!
    Love your blog!