Pictures from this week…

So surprised to wake up to snow! I think it was Monday? I can’t remember now…
Outside the door…my rusty old planter with leaves and bittersweet from the yard. I had more leaves stuck in there, but they blew away :) Oh, as you can see, the snow was totally gone by then. It was like 60 degrees on Thanksgiving. poo. Would have been much cozier with snow!
Groggy, messy-haired me stuffing the bird…
A quick pic Jay took of the table all set while somewhere in the background there, I am slaving away at the stove
Dessert table…my downfall!!
Wish I took more pics of the scrumptious feast, but I was a bit preoccupied. It all turned out really, well, though! I hope everyone else had a lovely Thanksgiving day!

6 Responses to Pictures from this week…

  1. Wow Jenn- Your day was certainly picture perfect. And regarding not having taken more pictures–give yourself a break, girl. We can’t do it ALL!
    Enjoy the season.

  2. Happy Thanksgiving! It looks beautiful over at your place!

  3. I’m so jealous of that snowy pic! Glad to have found your blog (AGAIN) Anyhoos, saying hi and I finally picked up some wool and started to try needle felting myself. So far only one wound.

  4. I am glad I stopped in to check your blog! I can’t believe you’ve already had snow!! Wishing you happy holidays…
    xoxo Bethany

  5. oh i only just found out you have a book!! that is wonderful!! =)

  6. that your house tucked away in the snow?! How absolutely charming!