New Holiday Bears and Friends on ebay!




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  1. OMG! These are soooo fabulous, now I have a chance to own one of these lovelies!! xo, suzy

  2. Jennifer Hayslip

    Omigoodness! I want them all! They are just too darling!!! Excellent work!!!
    Happy Holidays!

  3. Oooh I love the little pull-toy chick that goes with the top bear. See, I don’t think any imitators could ever hope to make anything as sweet as these little cuties. Good luck with the auction. :-)

  4. They are very lovely, as usual. Perfect for Christmas, and the two rabbits so cute !

  5. First time poster! Let me just say I am so happy you are posting again! (Is that Martha Stewart baker’s twine on the first one?) Your critters are so unique. The ideas may be ripped off by other people, but only because they are so cute and original. But imitators cannot copy this level of attention to detail and fine, fine quality. Belive me, the differene is highly visible and palpable. There is nothing like an original creation born from passion of the heart.

  6. So awesome, Jenn. Well, I can rarely afford to go up against ebay bidders, but I still wanted to go on record that I LOVE THESE! You outdid yourself, for sure. :-)

  7. These are beyond cute, just adorable.