bottlebrush trees

I’m not sure why it’s taken me so long to figure this one out…

Start with those cheapy trees that come in a bag of like 20 at the craft store…


Dunk them in a bleach/water combo. The more bleach you use the faster the color will be removed, but also the stinkier it will be. My first try I used a little bleach, maybe a couple of capfuls, and filled up the tiny side of my sink with water. It took about all day to get a white tree. The next try I dumped rather alot of bleach in there, and in about 5 minutes, I had white trees…


Then, voila! I was going to run out and get some RIT dye and get some nice vintagey colors going, but my car is currently stuck in my icy driveway… I think the white is rather nice! I added some glass glitter to one, a bit of tarnished tinsel to another. I’m going to bleach the whole bag of trees and have a white bottlebrush forest to accompany my not yet made glittery cardboard vintage- village (maybe I’ll get to that one next year!)

It would also be nice to pull off those plastic snow bases, and maybe use wooden discs at the bases for a more authentic look.

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