Monthly Archives: January 2008

a bit of the everyday…


Strummin’ on the autoharp last night with Daddy. Jay bought this for me last year, in hopes that I would be able to play it with Clara, but I have been a bad Mama, and have not had the patience to sit down and properly learn to play. It is really easy to do, if you’d like to play simple stuff, but I’d have to practice to get fancy. I think Clara is just as happy with the simple, stuff, though ;)


New dolly for Clara, although I can’t get to her to like it…so she sits perched in a cute little folksy chair. The kid just loves her stuffed monkey, and her piggy, and her teddy, and doesn’t want anything to do with human lookin’ toys.  Here’s monkey, and a blurry girl…see how monkey booted the dolly off the chair? pfff….


and a one pigtailed girl, hoping she can go out to play on a rainy day…


pretending it’s summer…


I can’t help but dream of taking a vacation today, as the birdies are twittering outside and I feel so summery and light. Wouldn’t it be lovely to take a walking tour of the Cotswolds??

very excited for this…


The Complete Jane Austen

I did scan a wrinkly page from my Everyday Food mag to get this pic, hence the puckered cheek…

…and a happy new year!


It was such a lovely day today; almost 60 degrees, sunny and rejuvenating.  It’s so refreshing to have a tidy house, swept clean of all decorations, and to open up the doors and windows and air the place out. Aaahhh, the new year! What will it bring?! Last year was quite a crazy one, filled with unbelieveable things, like the creation of my book, the big appearance on Martha, and a few other exciting happenings, hopefully soon to be announced. There was also our daughter’s surgery, which truly tested our strength, and brought us closer as a family.  So…..2008?! We shall see!