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well, my compulsive late night ebay browsing for Steiff bunnies for Clara’s Easter basket led me to this post…

Take a look at these! So cute, and well, so super expensive. Wouldn’t it be amazing to find something like this at a garage sale? A girl can dream…. If you have a lot of extra’s the link


So these bunnies reminded me to show you a recent thrifty purchase. I’ve wanted some of these Polish dolls for awhile, just never got around to buying any. But my husband and I were at a little antique store we go to occasionally, and I remembered these two, which had been there since our last visit a year ago, so I rescued them. 


And then, back to ebay and the Steiff bunnies, I found this photo of a girl with a bunny, which then reminded me to show you Clara’s haircut! It’s very 1940s/50s choppy and cute. She was very good, although she was terrified at first. She soon relaxed and was rewarded with a cookie and a wee certificate for her very first haircut. Super cute.



as slow as honey in february…?

I did neglect to blog yesterday; so much for the daily thing! It was a Monday, and Monday’s tend to catch me at my worst.  So…there was really nothing to report. Here is a pic my husband took of Clara petting Fiona…poor cat; she is very tolerant! Clara loves to kiss and snuggle with the cats. It’s very cute. But they are usually a bit mortified, although unwilling to give up their spot on the couch, they hold their ground! :)


(Note the wild baby hair-she’s going for her first haircut tomorrow, we’ll see if it can be tamed! – Also note the girth of my cat!)


So, the title of this post refers to my baking today. The pantry is pretty empty, but I had three honey bears, with about an inch of honey in the bottom of each. So I proceeded to make a Honey Spice Loaf, from Chocolate & Zucchini.  I ended up making mini loaves, as I seemed to have misplaced my regular loaf pan. The results were rather scrumptious, although the recipe says to let it sit a day before digging in, but I couldn’t resist a warm slice with a dollop of butter.  My girth will soon be comparable to that of my cat.


Consequently, I did look up the saying "slower than molasses in January" even though its meaning is obvious, I just wanted to see what came up. And look at this! I had never heard of the Boston Molasses Disaster. How strange and sad.


I’m sitting here, watching the Academy Awards pre-show and wishing I had a friend who was as into this cheesiness as I am. I really enjoy cozying up, making some snacks and getting a glass of wine and checking out all the celebrity fashion. I usually do this alone, as my husband could care less, and no one else I know ever seems very enthusiastic about the whole affair.  So, thus my little lonely ritual. boo hoo! No, actually, I like it, cause I can be as frumpy as I please!  Maybe this little bean pictured below will appreciate the celebrity fashion and have a love of movies some day, so we can have a fun mommy/daughter Oscar fun fest!


chicken stew

I forgot to mention that the chicken stew recipe was scrumptious! I definitely recommend it. I did also manage to take a pic of that as well (being so good with keeping up with this blog…says I, on day 2 of commitment to blogging) Note the heart shaped biscuits! Just for you!


staged egg and lambies

so, here is something silly, I had my first ever soft-boiled egg this morning! Isn’t that odd? I just never grew up with them, and it never occurred to me to make one! so, being in the possession of random egg cups, I indulged! I felt very old-fashioned and British, with my little toast soldiers.  Here is the empty shell, all nicely staged for you to see.


After breakfast, we headed over to Grandpa’s house to see the new lambs. So, so cute.




Day to Day: One

Oy! February! For such a short month, it sure drags on! It’s really giving us it’s all this year, too. We’re in the midst of another winter storm, dumping about a foot of snow.


I’ve been thinking about this blog, and I have to admit, I do find it trying to keep up with. I love to read blogs, but when it comes to keeping my own, I am always at a loss for what to write about. It seems that the blogs I love are really about the day-t0-day lives of their authors, and I find that so comforting and cozy to read about. But I always think, who would want to read about my day-to-day. I find that I wait and wait to write, hoping something exciting comes up, or I’ll make something crafty, blah, blah, blah. So, instead, I’m just embracing the day-to-day. I am going to write about my daily adventures, no matter how dull they may seem, and hope that you like it. I warn you, it will probably be only about eating, baking, and domestic tasks. 

So, today is about eating chocolate cake, reading mystery novels, and cooking up a stew, while watching loads of tv in between. Exciting, huh?


I am always on the quest for the best ever chocolate cake. Each recipe is always a little bit different from the one before, and I have a whole slew of them bookmarked and ripped out. Slowly, I work my way through, trying out each one, but not too quickly, lest I gain thirty pounds in one fell swoop. (Oh, yes, did I mention I’m off my diet?) So the one I just made is from this recipe. I saw it on Good Morning America years ago, and have had it in my choco cake file for awhile. Holy crap. It’s really good. You should try it. It is actually a little bit overwhelming in its chocolatey-ness.


Maybe I should start a little side blog devoted to just chocolate cakes.  A cake a week, or something. Who will I find to eat all of these cakes!? ooh, I do have a pregnant friend. Maybe she’ll comply. okay! I am rambling on! Can you tell I’m bored on a snowy day?


Here is Ina Garten’s Chicken Stew with Biscuits recipe. I do believe this is the perfect dinner for a snowy day in. I love Ina Garten, and every recipe of hers I have ever tried has been utterly simple, delicious and lovely. Our menu for our wedding party was almost entirely comprised of her recipes. Hurray for the Barefoot Contessa!   


I hope everyone is having a lovely day. If you’re in the Northeast, I hope you’re tucked up safe at home on this snowy day and feeling snug with someone you love.


phew! this week was an odd one…Sick for the first half with some wretched stomach bug which had me completely out with Jay playing nursemaid. Then we had an insane storm, with tons of ice and trees falling everywhere. Our road was closed, and we were without power all day on Wednesday, which actually proved to be relaxing. We lit the fire, and read books. It was great to have a day without the tv and the computer.  You don’t realize how much of your time and energy is drained by technology. I wish that I could just do away with the tv, but I don’t think that’s possible.  I’m watching Martha right now, and am already scheming as to when I can watch my Netflix that just came in, last disc of Season 1 of the Tudors.  raunch.


book and cute clothes!

I received an advance copy of my book yesterday (due out next month!) and I was thrilled! It is such an amazing thing to see your first book complete, in all of it’s glossy glory! I did have this pang of nervousness as I took it out of the envelope, fearing that I would not have the nerve to look at it, that it would strangely feel like watching yourself on tv or something; all you can see are the flaws, or the dorky behind the scenes stuff is flashing through your mind, so it’s hard to take an objective look at the finished product.  But I think that my publisher did a beautiful job, and I can’t wait for the world to see! I suppose I should be more modest, but I figure, hey, if I don’t like the book and believe in it, then who will? Just the pick me up I needed when I was in the midst of the dreary-drearsomes, as stated in yesterdays mopey-dope post. 

Oh, and then I also received this catalog in the mail yesterday…Olive Juice. Such cute kids clothing! Really simple and old-fashioned, yet still hip kind of European looking. Very cute. All of the kind of clothes I would make for Clara if I had the sewing talent or motivation to try to conjure up some talent. A little bit pricey, but they seem to have some good sales…


ooh! I just heard a bird chirp outside! joy!

oh drear…


So, why no posts in so long? I suppose it’s because I want this blog to have the illusion of a cozy, sunshin-y place, and I am in the midst of the winter doldrums! I am over this cold and rain/snow/ice yuckiness and am just sitting and waiting for green grass and warm sun on my face and a sweet spot under a tree to sit with Clara and read and play.  blah! Also, I have been on a diet, so that is certainly not very exciting. No pictures of baked goods, no tales of culinary adventure. And in the midst of all of this poopoo-ness, I have been trying to conjure happiness and Spring and make a deadline for Easter critters I’m designing for licensing. So, who would want to read about a cold, hungry, stressed out mama? That’s why no posts.

BUT, I am feeling revived and hopeful. Projects are complete, it is warm today, and I just ate a piece of "never fail fudge" which my husband convinced me to make (diet, what diet?!) and I feel a whole heck of a lot better! woo! sugar high!