oh drear…


So, why no posts in so long? I suppose it’s because I want this blog to have the illusion of a cozy, sunshin-y place, and I am in the midst of the winter doldrums! I am over this cold and rain/snow/ice yuckiness and am just sitting and waiting for green grass and warm sun on my face and a sweet spot under a tree to sit with Clara and read and play.  blah! Also, I have been on a diet, so that is certainly not very exciting. No pictures of baked goods, no tales of culinary adventure. And in the midst of all of this poopoo-ness, I have been trying to conjure happiness and Spring and make a deadline for Easter critters I’m designing for licensing. So, who would want to read about a cold, hungry, stressed out mama? That’s why no posts.

BUT, I am feeling revived and hopeful. Projects are complete, it is warm today, and I just ate a piece of "never fail fudge" which my husband convinced me to make (diet, what diet?!) and I feel a whole heck of a lot better! woo! sugar high!

3 Responses to oh drear…

  1. First, fudge fixes everything. It’s a fact.
    Second, I know what you mean about posting… sometimes it’s hard. Glad you made an appearance!

  2. Hi Jen- Sounds like a good news post to me! Getting to spend time with your baby girl, having a licensing contract, and eating fudge on a diet. Life’s good! ;-)
    When’s that book comin’ out?

  3. It is so good to hear from you. I know what you mean about the long wet and dreary weather. I am ready for spring and summer too. I so look forward to the flowers blooming and the sun shining.
    But through it all, it sounds like you are getting a lot accomplished. I am looking forward to buying your book next month.
    Take care and have fun with Clara.