book and cute clothes!

I received an advance copy of my book yesterday (due out next month!) and I was thrilled! It is such an amazing thing to see your first book complete, in all of it’s glossy glory! I did have this pang of nervousness as I took it out of the envelope, fearing that I would not have the nerve to look at it, that it would strangely feel like watching yourself on tv or something; all you can see are the flaws, or the dorky behind the scenes stuff is flashing through your mind, so it’s hard to take an objective look at the finished product.  But I think that my publisher did a beautiful job, and I can’t wait for the world to see! I suppose I should be more modest, but I figure, hey, if I don’t like the book and believe in it, then who will? Just the pick me up I needed when I was in the midst of the dreary-drearsomes, as stated in yesterdays mopey-dope post. 

Oh, and then I also received this catalog in the mail yesterday…Olive Juice. Such cute kids clothing! Really simple and old-fashioned, yet still hip kind of European looking. Very cute. All of the kind of clothes I would make for Clara if I had the sewing talent or motivation to try to conjure up some talent. A little bit pricey, but they seem to have some good sales…


ooh! I just heard a bird chirp outside! joy!

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