I’m sitting here, watching the Academy Awards pre-show and wishing I had a friend who was as into this cheesiness as I am. I really enjoy cozying up, making some snacks and getting a glass of wine and checking out all the celebrity fashion. I usually do this alone, as my husband could care less, and no one else I know ever seems very enthusiastic about the whole affair.  So, thus my little lonely ritual. boo hoo! No, actually, I like it, cause I can be as frumpy as I please!  Maybe this little bean pictured below will appreciate the celebrity fashion and have a love of movies some day, so we can have a fun mommy/daughter Oscar fun fest!


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  1. I’d watch with you. The preshow and fashion is the best part. The actual ceremony is filled with crap!

  2. I cannot begin to tell you what a big deal the Oscars are to my family… We even write down what we think will win in each category and then tally our points at the end of the show. My husband always wins, but I’m proud to say that I was just one point behind him! :)

  3. Are there any sneak peaks from your book that you can share? The end of March seems like it’s forever away. Do you include instructions on how to make the adoreable critters on the cover? I can’t wait to get my copy!