as slow as honey in february…?

I did neglect to blog yesterday; so much for the daily thing! It was a Monday, and Monday’s tend to catch me at my worst.  So…there was really nothing to report. Here is a pic my husband took of Clara petting Fiona…poor cat; she is very tolerant! Clara loves to kiss and snuggle with the cats. It’s very cute. But they are usually a bit mortified, although unwilling to give up their spot on the couch, they hold their ground! :)


(Note the wild baby hair-she’s going for her first haircut tomorrow, we’ll see if it can be tamed! – Also note the girth of my cat!)


So, the title of this post refers to my baking today. The pantry is pretty empty, but I had three honey bears, with about an inch of honey in the bottom of each. So I proceeded to make a Honey Spice Loaf, from Chocolate & Zucchini.  I ended up making mini loaves, as I seemed to have misplaced my regular loaf pan. The results were rather scrumptious, although the recipe says to let it sit a day before digging in, but I couldn’t resist a warm slice with a dollop of butter.  My girth will soon be comparable to that of my cat.


Consequently, I did look up the saying "slower than molasses in January" even though its meaning is obvious, I just wanted to see what came up. And look at this! I had never heard of the Boston Molasses Disaster. How strange and sad.


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