well, my compulsive late night ebay browsing for Steiff bunnies for Clara’s Easter basket led me to this post…

Take a look at these! So cute, and well, so super expensive. Wouldn’t it be amazing to find something like this at a garage sale? A girl can dream…. If you have a lot of extra cash..here’s the link


So these bunnies reminded me to show you a recent thrifty purchase. I’ve wanted some of these Polish dolls for awhile, just never got around to buying any. But my husband and I were at a little antique store we go to occasionally, and I remembered these two, which had been there since our last visit a year ago, so I rescued them. 


And then, back to ebay and the Steiff bunnies, I found this photo of a girl with a bunny, which then reminded me to show you Clara’s haircut! It’s very 1940s/50s choppy and cute. She was very good, although she was terrified at first. She soon relaxed and was rewarded with a cookie and a wee certificate for her very first haircut. Super cute.



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  1. I found two new steiff bunnies at that store Home Goods last year for my urchins’ baskets. They were small but very reasonable. I never go in that store but got lucky when I went in then.

  2. Awww too cute. All of it, but especially Clara. :-)

  3. So, of course I had to go over to the ebay link and see- way too expensive for me but super cute
    love the polish dolls and the vintage image and of course super cute Clara

  4. so adorable!! The bunnies, but especially Clara’s hair! My hair was like that when I was little, wispy and fine, so Mom always chose that type of cut!

  5. Wow, those bunnies are expensive. They’re probably a rare pair.
    I love the little dolls you found, they’re really cute.
    Clara is getting so big. She sure doesn’t look like a baby anymore. Darling haircut.

  6. Those bunnies are simply perfect, so magnificently eastery. x

  7. Those german bunnies are wonderful, such a great patina! You’ve got to have deep pockets to be a Steiff collector. That picture is so sweet and her haircut is so much like your daughters. I remember those days when my girls got their first big girl haircuts! Lots of bribery was involved!! xo, suzy