well, my compulsive late night ebay browsing for Steiff bunnies for Clara’s Easter basket led me to this post…

Take a look at these! So cute, and well, so super expensive. Wouldn’t it be amazing to find something like this at a garage sale? A girl can dream…. If you have a lot of extra cash..here’s the link


So these bunnies reminded me to show you a recent thrifty purchase. I’ve wanted some of these Polish dolls for awhile, just never got around to buying any. But my husband and I were at a little antique store we go to occasionally, and I remembered these two, which had been there since our last visit a year ago, so I rescued them. 


And then, back to ebay and the Steiff bunnies, I found this photo of a girl with a bunny, which then reminded me to show you Clara’s haircut! It’s very 1940s/50s choppy and cute. She was very good, although she was terrified at first. She soon relaxed and was rewarded with a cookie and a wee certificate for her very first haircut. Super cute.



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