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I hope that everyone had a lovely Easter! This was Clara’s 2nd Easter, and she was really aware of what it was all about this year. She was an expert egg-hunter, toting around her little basket and squealing wih glee. Very cute. She managed to inhale her chocolate bunny’s ears in, oh, about 30 seconds flat. I had to intervene! It was a really nice day. Makes me want to have more kids…She’s growing up so fast already! Around the holidays especially, I always imagine a whole herd of kiddies, having a great, rowdy time. Just warm, fun chaos.  We’ll see!
And here is a last image of baked goods for a bit. I am saying farewell to sweets for a few weeks, to sort of cleanse my body of sugar. Nothing makes me happier than baking. I absolutely love it. But there are not enough people around here to eat what I make. (Another reason for more kids!)  So, consequently, I am consuming all I bake. Very dangerous for the waistline. Needless to say, this is a Meyer Lemon Poundcake. I used this recipe, but reduced the sugar a bit (since Meyer lemons are sweet) and added a bit of vanilla extract. Really, really good. I have never had Meyer lemons (living on the east coast, they are rather least at my grocery stores!) So I was really excited when I found them. I’d like to try to make some Marmalade as well. oh, but that would be sugar. poo.

Some random pics from this week…


My new little Erzgebirge figure, welcoming Spring, carrying a pussywillow


First batch of tasty strawberries resulting in a strawberry tart


just a little spot by my desk

Good morning…



I made the most ridiculousy silly error. I forgot the fundamental principal of scheduling auctions on Ebay…note that they are in Pacific time!! I was rushing around this afternoon trying to get them all listed, and I goofed!! So they should all start at 9:30 pm EST this evening, and they will be starting 5 minutes apart, so they won’t all be up at once. Sorry, to anyone who may have checked and thought "what the heck?"


books are here!

My copies of Sweet Needle Felts arrived today! It will be in stores next week!


All stacked up…






…they make a rather nice seat!

periodical pleasure

Perusing my copies of Country Living and ME’s Home Companion, I was excited to find familiar faces!

Home Companion featured a huge spread on Heather Bailey, whose lovely blog I read often and who designs gorgeous fabric. They also did a feature on Ann Wood, who creates charming birds and other whimsical things and who also has a blog that I check out daily. It is so funny how small the world has become due to the internet and blogs. You really start to feel like you know these people, and then, hey, there they are in a magazine, and you’re like, "yeah, I know her" even though of course you really don’t.

Also Country Living featured Alicia, and of course there’s not a soul who hasn’t heard of  her blog!
They did a nice piece on Stacey Bear also, whose work I have seen through Earth Angels Toys and whose home is absolutely lovely! It’s kind of what I aspire to make my house like. Built about the same time, but not nearly as spiffy as far as the decorating goes!

Wearing her new windbreaker, Clara romped about on the spongy backyard today. Finally our snow melted! She resembles an Easter egg, with her purple pants and her green polka dot coat and boots. So good to get some time outside!
I’m beginning work on some new Spring critters…I have been working on designs for licensing, and it has wiped me out creatively, so I tend to not have anything left over for my one of a kind work.  BUT I am going to try to squeeze in a Spring/Easter update in the next few weeks. Easter is fast approaching, so I better hurry!
This is the beginning of a critter head. I like to make a core out of inexpensive wool stuffing. This creates a nice firm center to the work, and it also cuts down on the amount of pricier wool roving that you have to use.  A little bit of technique revealed! I show how to make a critter in my book, which looks like it will be out in stores by St. Patty’s Day!

cheery monday cake day


Here is another recipe from Chocolate & Zucchini, which is turning out to be a pretty useful little book. I may actually have to buy it, instead of checking it out of the library over and over again. So, this time I made the Yogurt Cake, Gateau au Yaourt, and it is completely going to be a staple in this house. It is so simple and so delicious. It is the kind of cake you could add little fillings to, or endless varieties of toppings. But, it is yummy on its own. It’s a cake you should bake just to have around in case someone stops by. It seems very old fashioned. There you have it. Cake of the week.


Here’s a little wholesome vignette for you…sweet potatoes hanging out in a basket waiting for dinner and a little honey pot my mom brought me back from NC the other day.


Some vintage folksy fabric I purchased to make Clara a dress. It is all cut out and ready to be sewn into an adult dress already. Wonder why they never finished it…hmm…Since the pieces for the skirt are already all cut out, I may just stitch them up and make myself a skirt as well. Of course, then Clara and I would have matching outifts, which may or may not be silly.


Here’ something to peruse with your morning coffee…the new issue of SMALL magazine. Tons of cute stuff in here!