hello there…

we had a nice relaxing weekend around here. On Friday, I met up with a friend who has a baby that is a week older than Clara. It is so cute to see them together, as they are right at the same phase with everything. Clara is very into kissing and hugging, so it was so cute to see them give each other little smooches and hugs. 


On Saturday we went to an auction where I scored this hooked rug for $25! woo! Whenever I see them at antiques stores, they are usually way out of reach, for even a dinky one. So I was thrilled. It has a small hole, but you can barely see it.


I finally managed to frame some of the artwork I’ve been accumulating over the past year. Here are two great prints by Jen Corace available  at Mahar Dry Goods. I really have commitment issues when it comes to art. It takes me ages to frame anything, and even longer to pick where I’d like to hang it. Not sure what that’s all about. Just stick it on the wall already!!



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