Wearing her new windbreaker, Clara romped about on the spongy backyard today. Finally our snow melted! She resembles an Easter egg, with her purple pants and her green polka dot coat and boots. So good to get some time outside!
I’m beginning work on some new Spring critters…I have been working on designs for licensing, and it has wiped me out creatively, so I tend to not have anything left over for my one of a kind work.  BUT I am going to try to squeeze in a Spring/Easter update in the next few weeks. Easter is fast approaching, so I better hurry!
This is the beginning of a critter head. I like to make a core out of inexpensive wool stuffing. This creates a nice firm center to the work, and it also cuts down on the amount of pricier wool roving that you have to use.  A little bit of technique revealed! I show how to make a critter in my book, which looks like it will be out in stores by St. Patty’s Day!

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