periodical pleasure

Perusing my copies of Country Living and ME’s Home Companion, I was excited to find familiar faces!

Home Companion featured a huge spread on Heather Bailey, whose lovely blog I read often and who designs gorgeous fabric. They also did a feature on Ann Wood, who creates charming birds and other whimsical things and who also has a blog that I check out daily. It is so funny how small the world has become due to the internet and blogs. You really start to feel like you know these people, and then, hey, there they are in a magazine, and you’re like, "yeah, I know her" even though of course you really don’t.

Also Country Living featured Alicia, and of course there’s not a soul who hasn’t heard of  her blog!
They did a nice piece on Stacey Bear also, whose work I have seen through Earth Angels Toys and whose home is absolutely lovely! It’s kind of what I aspire to make my house like. Built about the same time, but not nearly as spiffy as far as the decorating goes!

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