books are here!

My copies of Sweet Needle Felts arrived today! It will be in stores next week!


All stacked up…






…they make a rather nice seat!

11 Responses to books are here!

  1. how exciting!
    clara’s outfit is so cute -where is it from?
    i’m so excited to buy girl’s clothes.

  2. Thats got to be so exciting! I’m looking forward to getting your book. I am currently taking a needle felting class at a local knitting shop and was excited to discover your upcoming book and your segment from Martha Stewart last year. Your creations are adorable. And your daughter has changed quite a bit since your appearance on Martha. She’s adorable, too. They grow up fast (I have two daughters–3 years and 7 months). Congratulations on your book.

  3. Yay Jenn! I am SO HAPPY for you! I’m on pre-order from Amazon…can just hardly wait!

  4. yay!yay!!yay, jenn!!!
    if all of us out here are this excited for your new book, i can’t possibly imagine how excited YOU must be!!! can’t wait til my copy gets here!!
    congrats on all that you’ve accomplished! wonderful things always come to wonderful peeps! yay for you!! =0)

  5. Jenn,
    All your hard work has paid off. It is done and now you get to share them with everyone.
    Clara looks very content to try them out first.
    Congratulations on your book. I am looking forward to mine coming in at Barnes and Nobles.
    Thank you so much for sharing your craft with your fans.

  6. Congratulations ! I’m sure that a lot of people will buy it to know how make some critter so cute ! I think you are glad of this parution !

  7. Yay–so looking forward to having my own copy! It looks like an amazing book. The publisher sent you a good supply! I got a measly 5 copies of my Rookie Reader. :(

  8. Oh my goodness! I can’t wait to see your book!

  9. Congratulations! What a wonderful accomplishment. Enjoy your success. I look forward to owning my own copy. perryjane

  10. OK, a question about the books. Amazon has suddenly changed the book cover to one with pears and it says 20 projects (not 25). What happened to the bear cover? I keep checking my order status to see if the shipping date has changed but it still shows my order arriving like the first week of April (aaargh, I want it now). Anyhow, I was just wondering about the cover change they are showing over on amazon.

  11. Hi, Jenn! This is Maya, your book designer. I just got my copy, and I’m so happy and proud to have been a part of your book. Congratulations; it looks great [if I do say so myself]!
    Jenn, about the cover. It was originally a closeup of the fruit, then changed to the bear birthday party [which I love!]. The cover was updated on Amazon a while ago and, I think, only recently reverted. But, the actual printed book has the bear cover, and Amazon says the book is currently in stock, so you should get yours soon.