I hope that everyone had a lovely Easter! This was Clara’s 2nd Easter, and she was really aware of what it was all about this year. She was an expert egg-hunter, toting around her little basket and squealing wih glee. Very cute. She managed to inhale her chocolate bunny’s ears in, oh, about 30 seconds flat. I had to intervene! It was a really nice day. Makes me want to have more kids…She’s growing up so fast already! Around the holidays especially, I always imagine a whole herd of kiddies, having a great, rowdy time. Just warm, fun chaos.  We’ll see!
And here is a last image of baked goods for a bit. I am saying farewell to sweets for a few weeks, to sort of cleanse my body of sugar. Nothing makes me happier than baking. I absolutely love it. But there are not enough people around here to eat what I make. (Another reason for more kids!)  So, consequently, I am consuming all I bake. Very dangerous for the waistline. Needless to say, this is a Meyer Lemon Poundcake. I used this recipe, but reduced the sugar a bit (since Meyer lemons are sweet) and added a bit of vanilla extract. Really, really good. I have never had Meyer lemons (living on the east coast, they are rather least at my grocery stores!) So I was really excited when I found them. I’d like to try to make some Marmalade as well. oh, but that would be sugar. poo.

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  1. yum, that looks good
    i got your book today -yeah! congrats again…
    i’ve only peeked so far but it looks really really amazing
    someone around here is having a growth spurt and is feasting away
    as to my lower case writing here :)

  2. I’m looking forward to Sophie’s 2nd Easter–she’s still too little to “get it.” We got as far as hard boiling the eggs this year, and then ran out of steam. Ah, well. Glad Clara had a good time!
    Oh, and I’m ordering my copy of your book today! Can’t wait to devour it. :)

  3. I made this exact cake for Easter the last 3 years (not with Meyer lemons, though) but I had no idea it came from Martha!
    I’d tried to find a recipe like the iced lemon loaf from Starbucks and this sounded good so I gave it a whirl. It’s always been a hit (and my husband often requests it for no reason whatsoever!), but I do add some zest to the glaze to make it more lemony. And I use a fluted Bundt pan; it’s prettier and allows for more glaze. :)

  4. oh, that is so funny (are we long-lost sisters or something? all last week and this week I have been planning on making and preserving homemade organic marmelade! I’ve even planned with my neighbour about it once we can get our hands on a case of fresh organic oranges.
    AND, yep. I’m having those urges for more kids too! Addie is growing up far too fast and although i am fascinated with this, I also feel melancholy for her past!!! more babies! but we will wait until she is 3 i think….