I hope that everyone had a lovely Easter! This was Clara’s 2nd Easter, and she was really aware of what it was all about this year. She was an expert egg-hunter, toting around her little basket and squealing wih glee. Very cute. She managed to inhale her chocolate bunny’s ears in, oh, about 30 seconds flat. I had to intervene! It was a really nice day. Makes me want to have more kids…She’s growing up so fast already! Around the holidays especially, I always imagine a whole herd of kiddies, having a great, rowdy time. Just warm, fun chaos.  We’ll see!
And here is a last image of baked goods for a bit. I am saying farewell to sweets for a few weeks, to sort of cleanse my body of sugar. Nothing makes me happier than baking. I absolutely love it. But there are not enough people around here to eat what I make. (Another reason for more kids!)  So, consequently, I am consuming all I bake. Very dangerous for the waistline. Needless to say, this is a Meyer Lemon Poundcake. I used this recipe, but reduced the sugar a bit (since Meyer lemons are sweet) and added a bit of vanilla extract. Really, really good. I have never had Meyer lemons (living on the east coast, they are rather least at my grocery stores!) So I was really excited when I found them. I’d like to try to make some Marmalade as well. oh, but that would be sugar. poo.

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