Getting ready!

The time has arrived! (and this year I am actually looking forward to it) Time to get going with the spring cleanup in the yard & garden, and get ready for veggies and flowers.
We inherited a big ‘ol cottage perennial garden with our house, that someone had put alot of time/money/love into. But it had been neglected for a couple of years, and then when we moved in, we were a bit overwhelmed by it. Then we had Clara, and we neglected it for a couple of summers. SO, this year, we are ready to make it our own.
We’re going for a "potager" or a kitchen garden, with veggies, flowers and herbs. We set up a little shelf in our basement with grow lights and we’re starting all sorts of veggies & herbs from seed.
We’re going to keep some of the perennial beds, but I’d like to take out one, and make it an annual cutting bed, with zinnias and snapdragons, etc. Here are just some pics of the past few days…preparing, playing, etc. And a couple of random shots from the week.

Tree Peony buds…this will be beautiful really soon!

Trusty gardening boots!

Here it is…bare on April 5th. Just finished raking everything out. Still alot more to do. We’ll plant some peas tomorrow. Soon some of these beds will be packed with perennials, and it will be a jungle. It always starts growing so, so fast, and before you know it, you’re overwhelmed and can’t seem to pull weeds fast enough!

Clara’s wee rake next to mine… 

She seems to prefer mine :)


little bunnies in a pot

and some non-garden related pictures:

Clara and Jay and a ukelele

Oh, and a cookie. I tell you, I may have a baking addiction. Do I need an intervention?? It’s ok, raking burns mega calories. And I just invested in some workout dvd’s…ha!

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