Monthly Archives: May 2008

Sorry to have been away for so very long…I have been ridden with nausea and fatigue, due to the BABY in my belly! Yes, we’re expecting baby number two, and this one is making me feel pretty sick, so I’ve just been lying low, trying not to barf, and taking lots of naps.

On Sunday , we went to an awesome Earth Angels gallery event in Warwick, NY which is about 1/2 hour away. I got to meet some artists that I really admire, and saw absolutely amazing work. There were tons of people there; Julie Arkell, Nicole Bowen, Jody Battaglia, Nicol Sayre, etc, etc. I was too shy to take any pictures, but I’m sure if you check out Jen’s blog, she’ll have tons of info and pics in the next couple of days.

I did buy two of Nicole Bowen’s critters; They were too cute to possibly resist.




Here is our crazy tree peony in bloom. I think I post pictures of it every year, but it continues to amaze me every year, getting more and more humongous blooms!


Unfortunately it rains every year, right after it blooms and some of the blossoms break off, but they look lovely inside… They brighten up my dreaded dishwashing experience.  I HATE most all kitchen activity right now. The dishes make me want to hurl; I nearly wretch every time I open the fridge…blech!


Despite dreading the kitchen, I did manage to dust off my apron and bake something today. Blackberry Crumb Bars from the latest Everyday Food. They’re in the oven right now. They do NOT make me want to wretch. The love of baked goods has not been affected!