Monthly Archives: July 2008

swiss chard


Oh, the garden is starting to burst at the seams. I thought I might document some recipes that I make as we gobble up all of this produce. Here is the first one, for the abundance of Swiss Chard we have. Although this recipe hardly makes a dent, it is pretty tasty… I used shallots instead of leeks, since I had some on hand. I did not photograph the final result as it was consumed rather quickly.

Swiss Chard and Leek Tart

little artist



Alot of art is being made around here lately, of the toddler variety. Clara loves to color and paint (although sometimes painting does result is some sort of tantrum) It is very cute to watch her,  since she gets very intense and focused when she is “rawing” or “ainting” 

blueberry pie baking


My favorite pans to use are the old metal ones. Some of the ones I have are my grandmothers, and I love to think of all of the pies that were baked in them over the years.


And speaking of grandmothers in the kitchen, here is a great little “receipt” or recipe book that I inherited that belonged to my great-great grandmother, Nellie. Some of her scrawl is hard to interpret, and of course there are no temperatures or cooking times, so it should be fun to try to make some of the treats in here. Mostly it contains recipes for baked goods, but there are some interested pickled things as well, such as Green Tomato Pickles and Watermelon pickles.


Day at the river



 We had a great afternoon at the river today, swimming and rock collecting. It was about 100 degrees here, so it was so refreshing to just float around in the cool water. It’s so serene and lovely where we go…the perfect summer day.