swiss chard


Oh, the garden is starting to burst at the seams. I thought I might document some recipes that I make as we gobble up all of this produce. Here is the first one, for the abundance of Swiss Chard we have. Although this recipe hardly makes a dent, it is pretty tasty… I used shallots instead of leeks, since I had some on hand. I did not photograph the final result as it was consumed rather quickly.

Swiss Chard and Leek Tart

3 Responses to swiss chard

  1. i love swiss chard
    and regret that i did not plant any
    well, at least i have next year
    hope you are feeling well
    i know we missed our strawberry pie making but raspberries our on the way real soon…

  2. i have never tried swiss chard before – sounds good though.
    btw, i just bought your book at Jo-Ann’s! It’s such a gorgeous book, I couldn’t resist!
    Now I just have to get all the supplies :)

  3. ah! just got your email and i too am looking forward to the tomatoes to ripen (what tiny amount that i have!). so fun to see your homegrown veggies!