housewifey duties

Monday is always a pretty slow day around here. Just trying to get back into the swing of things after a snug and fun weekend. I have been trying to embrace my stay-at-home-mom-housewifey side and just approach the seemingly mundane duties of such a woman with zeal. I find that if I stick to a schedule, all of the tasks that need doing sort of take on a meditative, strangely soul satisfying experience.

Monday is laundry day…



And Monday is figure out what to eat for the week day…although I found myself today going through all of my Fall back issues of Everyday Food magazine and compiling a big list of all of the Autumn-y food I need to make or bake. Those magazines have so many great recipes, but it is so difficult to remember what you saw where, or keep track of which recipes you'd like to try. So I am just going to go through seasonally and make a sort of index of what I've made, or would like to make.


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