I was just checking out some pics from the summer, and I came across these two, which seemed so applicable for A Week of Paths, although today is Thursday, and I certainly don't have a week's worth of paths, I thought I would throw them in there. I do love Fall, but I feel sad when I look at these pictures and realize how fleeting the Summer was. That happens every year! We never made it to the ocean like I wanted to, nor did we do quite a few of the things we wanted to do. Sigh. Next year! Next year we will make a point to savor the Summer! And our garden will be scrumptiously abundant, since this was  the practice veggie year.  And we will have a new little bun to enjoy all of it with. Speaking of which…I'm feeling pretty good!  Just big and getting bigger and counting the weeks until I get to meet this little girl!



Oh, we did go to see The Duchess today. Next week is my birthday, and I usually request that Jay take me to see a movie of my choice, which is usually some girlie, costume drama, period piece. So, how applicable! It was visually pleasing, for certain. The costumes were fantastic, Keira Knightley is gorgeous (although she seems to be a little too perfect sometimes; it's hard to relate to her) But I did still cry. It's funny how when you have children, suddenly you become a huge sap, and anything pertaining to the loss of children, or even any slightly emotional scene with children, gets your chin quivering.  Sigh. I do thank my poor husband for sitting through it, because he seemed rather bored out of his mind the few times I glanced over at him. But, hey, he only has to endure it once a year! I sit through plenty of ridiculous man movies for him!  ha!

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