The house smelled so yummy today! The chilly weather inspired me to try a slow-cooking beef recipe from the Tasha Tudor cookbook. It took almost 5 hours in a 250 degree oven, as opposed to a woodstove or open fire, as suggested in the recipe.  If  I had a woodstove or giant fireplace, believe me, I would have cooked it on there, I was feeling so like a colonial New England housewife.  Needless to say, it smelled better than it tasted. But it was still a good thing to have roasting away on a cold Autumn day.

I have a list that is a mile long of things I want to get accomplished before baby arrives.  I have been spending my days slowly plugging away, washing baby clothes and linens, cleaning the nursery, organizing other areas of the house that have been bugging me. I really want to have everything in order, since I know chaos will rule when she gets here! Oh, and there are so many things I want to make!! But I am seeming to get wrapped up in the household tasks instead.
I have a zillion thrifted wool sweaters that have been in the attic, for, oh, years, which I started  to felt today for some projects I have in mind. I would like to try to make as many Christmas gifts as possible this year, so I really better stop making lists and talking about it all, and just get busy. The holidays always sneak up on me, every year! And then I swear to myself, that next year, I'll get started early! Ha!

Oh, take a look at this great work by Tammy Smith of Homemade Circus.  I am so smitten with it; I want it all!! I noticed it on Katie Runnel's blog (she always posts about such fantastic artists! ) Homemadecircus

Well, I am off to scrounge up some chocolate before dragging my big pregnant bod off to bed (yes…it's not even 9:00!!) 

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