A nice relaxing day around here. I just worked on some new Christmas animals…(I really want to have a Christmas update before baby arrives!) and puttered around the kitchen.  Our neighbor,  in a rather neighborly fashion, brought us a bag of apples from his orchard, so I decided to bake an apple crisp. Why would I cook unnecessary things the day before Thanksgiving, you may ask. Well, because we are actually going somewhere else this year! I've hosted the past couple of years, and am in no physical condition to spend all day on my feet in the kitchen this year. I only have to bake a pumpkin pie tomorrow morning! Woo-hoo!  What will I do all morning??


I also made this little yarn wreath ala Katie Runnels! She has a tutorial in CraftStylish magazine! While this in no way compares to the lovely, perfect wreaths she creates, it was alot of fun to make and I can see these being very addictive! If you haven't seen her gorgeous work, go check it out! Her wreaths are so vintagey and perfect, with such great color combinations. I have yet to decide where I am going to hang it, so, yes, it is just lying on a table right now.


Here is one with belly in the shot. oops!


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  1. you are too cute
    i love the wreath
    now i want to make one too
    happy thanksgiving

  2. the wreath is so sweet!
    happy thanksgiving!
    I hope you have a relaxed and blessed day!

  3. happy thanksgiving to all of you!
    enjoy your day – i’m glad you don’t have to cook.
    we will have to visit soon for sure – it’s been too long. we’re planning for a big move this weekend, then we may be at the new house…i promise to start hosting more gatherings once we’re in!

  4. Love the wreath is it hard to make? I hope you have a update for christmas!! Have a wonderful thanksgiving!! elma2179@yahoo.com

  5. You are too sweet! Thank you, Jenn! I love the belly shot!! xoxo