merry, merry!


We went to get our tree on Sunday, and I finally finished decorating it today! Usually I am all fired up and finish it right away, but this year, I just puttered along, taking my time. Clara is very, very excited for the tree this year, and very, very excited for her "new toys" and Santa Claus, and snowmen, etc, etc. It is so cute, and has allowed us to sort of recapture the magic of Christmas. I knew that once she started to really understand, then it would bring back all of the familiar little twitters of excitement that surround the holidays that had started to fade.  That said, I have decided that I will not be making any animals this Christmas. I am really enjoying spending this time with my little family, and trying to savor every moment. It seems like such a special, fleeting time, and I hate the idea of having a deadline looming. I kept putting it off, and putting it off (even though my head was swimming with tons of cute ideas!) and whenever I would sit down to get anything done, I inevitably just wanted to go and snuggle with Clara and read a book, or go up to the nursery and fold clothes or something.  Speaking of which, the ultimate deadline is looming…baby's arrival is officially on the calendar (if she doesn't get here on her own sooner!) and she will be here by Christmas if all goes well.  SO…I hope those of you who were wanting to buy a festive little critter will not be sad…I will certainly have new work available in the coming months, but right now I just need to cozy up and enjoy these fleeting moments and bake some cookies.




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