Welcome to the world, Lillian Audrey Docherty
Dec. 14, 9:20 am…


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  1. So many congratulations! Lillian looks very cute. :)

  2. she is just perfect – congratulations!

  3. oh my goodness!!!! wow, she is so sweet and beautiful. I hope all went well, and is well with you. And, Congratulations!!!
    much love, sharilyn
    ps you’re making my uterus hurt!!!

  4. My heart just melted. Wow. She’s beautiful. Congratulations!

  5. YAY congratulations – she’s beautiful! Yay! What a beautiful name!
    Beth (mommy to a busy 5 yr old)

  6. oh, congratulations to you all, and especially to clara…sisters are the best! your little lillian is absolutely beautiful!! i have my own lillian (lily), and emilie (eme), and now we have catherine (cate) who is 8 weeks old tomorrow…3 sisters, what fun! i’ll be thinking about you in the weeks to come and hoping that you find your groove sooner rather than later. xxx
    one more thing…even though your little creatures are not made for little hands, my little ones love to take down fritz to have tea with him and tell him stories. :)

  7. Little Lillian is darling!!!…What a wonderful Christmas present!..:)….Wishing you the loveliest of holidays!…..Your friend, Heidi XO

  8. Congratulations to all. Lillian Audrey is gorgeous. She is so sweet.
    Have fun snuggling with her. Those first day are so amazing.
    Have a wonderful Christmas!

  9. Congrats on your sweet little blessing!~~~XXOO, Beth

  10. Aaaaaaaw! Congratulations on your beautiful little princess!

  11. So adorable!!!! I can’t get over those sweet little baby cheeks! Congratulations!!!

  12. Oh Jenn, Congratulations to you and your family. Lillian is so beautiful and so perfect. You must be so delighted that she is finally here. I hope you are feeling well and recovery quickly.
    I wish you and your family a Very Happy Holiday and a joyful New Year.

  13. elma riedstraelma

    Oh my she is sooo beautiful!! Congratulations to you! You have been truly blessed. She makes me want another baby but we have eight already. Take care and have a wonderful and Blessed Christmas with your family. Hope you are feeling well. Elma

  14. Congratulations!! She is just perfect. Hope you are well, too. xo

  15. Sugar and spice, how nice! Congratulations!

  16. Oh, I have head to toe goosebumps. How very precious! Excellent job, little mama! Hope you are well and cuddled up with your sweet little family.
    P.S. That’s my oldest son’s birthday! Lillian will certainly be smart, sweet, and lovely!

  17. wow that was fast! congrats!

  18. Well done. Congratulations to everyone.She is beautiful.

  19. She is so perfect!

  20. Beautiful baby!!! Congratulations!

  21. A vision of Christmas perfection! congratulations to you and yours and may your days be merry (and bright)! Looking at your baby makes me teary – she is so very beautiful

  22. she’s so cute.
    i was surprised at how tiny her little peeps and squeaks sound compared to our big guy… i don’t remember him ever sounding that soft.
    i hope they’ll make sweet little friends!
    thinking of you guys today all bundled up and cozy inside…so much snow!
    i can’t believe it!

  23. Ahhhh! Too sweet! Congratulations:)

  24. She is so sweet!!! Congratulations!!!

  25. wonderful! the best christmas gift : )
    hope you’re all keeping well and enjoying the festivities together xxx

  26. What a wonderful Christmas for you. Congratulations! Stay warm and healthy!
    Jill in Florida

  27. oH MY gOODnEss jENN! (I’m behind and catching up on blog news…)
    A BIG Congratulations in in order. Baby Lillian is beautiful!
    All the best to you guys in 2009! xox

  28. congratulations on your new babygirl!!