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fall pickings

Picking pears at pop-pop's farm and picking pumpkins…












I was just checking out some pics from the summer, and I came across these two, which seemed so applicable for A Week of Paths, although today is Thursday, and I certainly don't have a week's worth of paths, I thought I would throw them in there. I do love Fall, but I feel sad when I look at these pictures and realize how fleeting the Summer was. That happens every year! We never made it to the ocean like I wanted to, nor did we do quite a few of the things we wanted to do. Sigh. Next year! Next year we will make a point to savor the Summer! And our garden will be scrumptiously abundant, since this was  the practice veggie year.  And we will have a new little bun to enjoy all of it with. Speaking of which…I'm feeling pretty good!  Just big and getting bigger and counting the weeks until I get to meet this little girl!



Oh, we did go to see The Duchess today. Next week is my birthday, and I usually request that Jay take me to see a movie of my choice, which is usually some girlie, costume drama, period piece. So, how applicable! It was visually pleasing, for certain. The costumes were fantastic, Keira Knightley is gorgeous (although she seems to be a little too perfect sometimes; it's hard to relate to her) But I did still cry. It's funny how when you have children, suddenly you become a huge sap, and anything pertaining to the loss of children, or even any slightly emotional scene with children, gets your chin quivering.  Sigh. I do thank my poor husband for sitting through it, because he seemed rather bored out of his mind the few times I glanced over at him. But, hey, he only has to endure it once a year! I sit through plenty of ridiculous man movies for him!  ha!


…if you dare!


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when it rains it pours


It has been a crazy couple of days around here. Why is it always the case that bad stuff happens in clusters. You're just living life, minding your own business, everything is cheery and nice, and wham!, you're hit with an onslaught of unfortunate events. I won't go into the details of all that has happened, but suffice it to say, they are stinky. We're okay (for the most part) but family members seems to be having alot of trouble, there are job issues, and the one thing I will divulge is that we had our first trip to the Emergency Room with Clara in Wed. morning.


You always hear tales of toddler head trauma, so I knew it was only a question of time until Clara had a run in with her head and a hard object resulting in blood. So on Wed. morning, I was sitting in the kitchen, enjoying my frothy cup of coffee, when I hear a whack and serious crying. So I come running, Jay comes running, and low and behold, there is blood pouring from her forehead, and underneath, lies what appears to be a gigantic hole. (Sorry, gross) I was pretty scared to look, but I had to muster up some mommy courage, since Jay was as white as a ghost. It turned out to be a huge split; it seems that one's head is truly melonesque, in it's ability to sort of pop open (gross, again, sorry) So we rushed to the ER and they stitched her up. The whole thing was really terrible. People always talk of their trips to the ER with their kids, resulting is stitches, or what have you, but until it is your own kid, you really don't realize what a big deal it is! I was bawling like a baby when they debriefed us on how the whole stitching up procedure would go down. So they rushed the hysterical pregnant lady to a quiet place while some guy brought me tea and told me tales of his own children's accidents, while they did the stitching. Jay stayed right there though, like a trooper, and held her little hands. It was funny, because, he freaked out at home, while I kept my cool, and once we got the hospital, I got all irrational and he remained calm. BUT everything if ok, Clara is fine. She will most likely have a little scar on her forehead, but that's fine. No plans for her to be a child model anyway! ;) It really takes an event like this to realize how unsafe your house may be for a toddler and how reckless we were being, just letting her have the run of the place. Now we are very paranoid! 


  Here she is busting up my wool. She loves to make a mess!!! This what I have to put up with when I try to do any needle-felting! That is why is takes me eons to make anything. Keeping up with this one and cleaning up her messes take up all my time! Oh, but I love her to bits, and wouldn't trade it for the world. Smoocher-oo, little girl!  


Hopefully this weekend we'll have some relaxing Fall fun. Maybe apple picking, or perhaps, go here again!


New Halloween Friends!


It looks like the update will be the week of Oct. 13th. Be sure to head over to my site to sign up for my mailing list so I can let you know the exact time and all of the details.


cold weather bedding

I really have been obsessing over this bedding situation from TOAST . So perfect for fall and winter. I love the combo of the old fashioned, neutral ticking with the floral. Oh, if only money were no object, I could buy all of the things on my list. Sigh. I think I'll try to get some cheap flannel ticking sheets and a vintagey graphic floral to accent it, and find an old soft woolen blanket and just try to recreate for cheap. Not that I'm really going to get any sleep or spend any time in bed in the winter months this year! Maybe bebe will quickly start sleeping through the night! A girl can dream!




housewifey duties

Monday is always a pretty slow day around here. Just trying to get back into the swing of things after a snug and fun weekend. I have been trying to embrace my stay-at-home-mom-housewifey side and just approach the seemingly mundane duties of such a woman with zeal. I find that if I stick to a schedule, all of the tasks that need doing sort of take on a meditative, strangely soul satisfying experience.

Monday is laundry day…



And Monday is figure out what to eat for the week day…although I found myself today going through all of my Fall back issues of Everyday Food magazine and compiling a big list of all of the Autumn-y food I need to make or bake. Those magazines have so many great recipes, but it is so difficult to remember what you saw where, or keep track of which recipes you'd like to try. So I am just going to go through seasonally and make a sort of index of what I've made, or would like to make.


so very quiet…


I am sitting here, savoring a quiet moment on a rainy afternoon. We were supposed to have a garage sale today, but we got rained out, so it's been a lazy day. Clara is napping and Jay is out. I'm munching on a rather yummy piece of Banana Bread with Coconut and Pecans from the Magnolia cookbook, and I just started to feel the need to post. I know I am rather silent here, and I apologize. I have alwyas been something of an introvert, so sharing does not always come easily. But a couple of friends have pointed out my stinky blogging, as well as my quiet sort of nature, and I thought I better just post something already, lest I just completely turn into a recluse!!



The belly is getting bigger, the days are getting shorter and the impending arrival of our wee little babe, (who happens to be another girl!!) is getting close. I have been spending alot of time just feeling nesty and reading books, and bonding with Clara. I think it must be normal to have feelings of guilt about bringing another child into the family. Clara is so used to our time together, and of course to being the center of attention, that I am sure it will be a hard adjustment. So we've been spending alot of quality time together.


It has been a very busy couple of months around the house. We've been doing tons of home inprovements (a big old breakfast bar in the kitchen, with a big slab of black walnut for the top), Clara's new room is in the works, new windows for upstairs. Plus we're thinking of putting in a woodstove to save on heating costs this winter. Also, one of the things that is leaning us in that direction, is the fact that we have TONS of firewood now. We had three huge white oaks in front of our house that were attacked by gypsy moths the past 3 years, and they were dying. It was a very sad thing, but they were chopped down two weeks ago. They were HUGE trees. Almost 200 years old, and enormous. It was sad to think that they had been there for all of those years, for the whole life of our house, and then chop, gone in a matter of two afternoons. But they had been looming ominously over our house, and one big branch falling could have taken out our top floor. Here's a picture of me standing by the one trunk. Big, huh? Oh, I mean the tree. ha!


What else, what else. Lots of family type functions and happy get togethers. Lots of autumnal preparations in the past couple of weeks. Oh, last weekend, I went to another great Earth Angels event! It was such a perfect sunny day and really lovely. Jen has some pics on her blog. But she had some amazing prices on some amazing work, so I did buy a couple of things (bad!) Here's some stuff waiting to be hung. Did I mention I have a phobia about hanging art in the wrong spot. It takes me ages to hang a piece, let alone a bunch of stuff. I mean it's only a nail hole, right?? Issues, I tell you.  Anyway, two little paintings by Laurie Meseroll and a little shadow box by Debbie Hartwick  


A little doggie pincushion also by Debbie Hartwick


I also picked up a couple of other little cute things. Who can resist, I ask you??

Oh, I hear a crabby toddler calling my name. bye for now!

Holiday Crafts!

Be sure to check out Better Homes and Gardens Holiday Crafts magazine! Not only is it filled with tons of cute stuff to make for Halloween and Christmas from some amazing artists, it also features a project for a couple of my birdies!




New bears today!

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