still here!

Well, I am still here, despite a huge break in posting. Anyone who reads this knows I can't commit to consistent posting anyway. I make empty promises! I post for like a week straight and then disappear for 2 months. Sorry!!!


It has been a very quiet winter; days filled with mommy duties, trying to keep a toddler happy and tending to the needs of a tiny one. My biggest adventures have been to the grocery store and the library, and back home again. It is so easy to simply stay indoors when you have the excuse of a itty bitty baby, and the weather is frigid. Who wants to bundle everyone up and venture out if you can stay inside by the fireplace??


I read a million books and baked a ton of stuff (not so good for losing the post baby flub). I'll admit, it did get a little boring at times. I wasn't sure I could make it to Spring. And just a few days ago, when the weather had warmed a bit, and the snow in the back yard had finally disappeared, and the dangerous span of ice that puts visitors to our house in peril had finally melted, there was once again  snow on the horizon. Dang! It seemed that my hopes for Spring were dashed. BUT! Hopefully that storm was our last hurrah with Winter. I cannot wait to get these kiddies out in the warm sun. I want skirts and flip flops and farmers markets and gardening and all of that.  I need to get Clara to the playground and on the swings and digging in her sandbox and out feeding the ducks!  She has become something of a couch potato, so that's not so good. She has proved to be a lovely big sister, though, I must say and she is so sweet with Lillian and snuggles with her and tells her she loves her, and I witness her tickling toes and whispering tender little things. Too cute. 


It is amazing the changes that  have taken place from the time Clara turned two, until now, at 2 1/2. She has so very much to say, (constant chatter), sometimes the most hilarious things come out of her mouth. She is endlessly entertaining and engages in all kinds of elaborate pretend play, and throws all kinds of elaborate tantrums. But I am so surprised by her and the person she is becoming. And now I have two. I can't wait for them to play together and be best friends…oh geez, I am rambling on. OK!!  To summarize….kids are great. That's all I have to say. Oh, and Spring, get here already. I'm sick of waiting around.

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  1. Hi!
    Love the photos.
    The close-up one of Lillian is amazing and how grown up and sweet Clara is looking. Glad to hear she is loving being a big sister
    I have had a couch potato sort of Winter too and am ready to get out and start digging and blowing bubbles.

  2. Aw, your daughters are precious! My Emily is the same age as Clara, and your description of her sounds right on the money. 2 1/2… scary and awesome all at once.

  3. i’ll second all that you have said. and it’s good to have you back (even if only intermittently…with a 5 and 3 year old, and a third girlie who is moving into 5 months, i totally understand)!

  4. and in my hurry to post before one of them needed me, i forgot to tell you how beautiful your girls are!!! xxx

  5. Sweetness abounds in your world right now Jen…so happy for you! Treasure each day.

  6. Colleen Martin

    They are so sweet!!!!!!!
    Clara is a darling little girl, and that baby- I just want to smell her head =0)

  7. hi Jenn, beautiful beautiful children!!! glad to see you back!