tales from the nursery….


The past few nights have been pretty rough around here. Needless to say, I am all tuckered out. I could really use a nap. Miss Lilli has decided that her crib is party central from 3 am -6 am.  Swaddles are being busted out of, arms are flailing and babies are shimmying all over the place.  It's the place to be. Unless you're me, and you want to be in dreamland, my only respite from mommy chaos. Sigh. Thank  goodness for my coffee maker, programmed for 7 am. I can sit bleary eyed and try to get prepared for my day before #1 wakes up, demanding her orange juice and mini pancakes.

My tiredness makes me want to give up any dieting efforts I have been attempting. I have been having this recurring dream about a really fluffy banana cake frosted with chocolate and sprinkled with walnuts. Sad to admit,m I do dream of food. Where did this cake come from? I swear I remember eating it in my youth, but my mom said she never made such a cake.  I will have to make an attempt, next time the bananas are past their prime.



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