tummy time

Here is a funny little scene…I caught Clara giving her bear some tummy time. I thought it was pretty cute.


That is a bear that I was going to sell, but Clara made off with him before he was finished. His new name is "baby bear."  This is why it is difficult to ever get any animals made; they are confiscated!

5 Responses to tummy time

  1. Too sweet! They are little mimics, aren’t they?
    btw, I think I’d have eaten that entire banana cake if it was anywhere near me. yum!!

  2. Katie Runnels

    what a good mommy she is already! I don’t blame her…I’d make off with all your fuzzy babies too! xo

  3. Elma Riedstra

    Way to cute!! Kids sure are a blessing!!

  4. Haha! That is so cute. I love kids. My toddler has been putting her P. Bear (as in Pooh) on the potty and telling him what a good job he’s doing. :)