I feel very positive and motivated this morning. I think it's because when I woke up it was warm, and the sun was glinting off of everything and casting a golden hue over the yard. Sigh. So lovely. I tried to go outside and take an artful picture, but a photographer I am not. Here is a shot of a mossy rock that looks deceivingly like a mountainside spotted with little clusters of trees.  wow! ha! ha! I know, it's a stretch, but I'm trying to post everyday, so this is what you get! ;)


 And here are the remnants of my motivated morning breakfast…Around this Easter-y time of year, I always recall the delights of eating a softboiled egg with toast points and marmalade. yum! I would still like to try to make my own Meyer Lemon with Vanilla Bean Marmalade . I wonder if Meyer Lemons  are still in the stores around here? I know you only get a short window in which to purchase the yummy little things.


Well, I'm off to try to get things done on this pretty golden morning!! 


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