yesterday turned out to be a crafty day. Clara was happily playing with her art supplies at the kitchen table, baby was content,  and I got to feeling like making something myself (other than the animals I should be making). Then in my email appeared the Martha Stewart craft of the day. I happened to have all of the materials, it seemed easy, so I got busy.


Here is the sweet little spun cotton & needle felted nest I made, as demonstrated by I used cotton balls split into strips , as opposed to cotton upholstery batting. The "tree" turned out to be very bright white with the cotton balls, so I dipped the whole thing in tea, and after it dried, it looked grungy and old, just like I wanted; as though I dug it out of an attic.  I didn't have any tinsel, but I had some silver wirey meshy stuff, so I used that instead. I think I might add some more leaves, as the one she made on the show was loaded with leaves.  I like how delicate and vintagey it looks. Fun!




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