guest curator

Hey! I hope you’ll check out etsy’s blog, the Storque, where today I am a guest curator. I picked a collection of really cute needle felted items by some talented artists!


Here is a slice of a cake I made, the last cake I am making for awhile, I swear! It is delicious and seems really old-fashioned, like the type of cake you would make to take on a picnic.
the recipe is via Orangette.
Flo Braker’s Plain and Simple Jam-Filled Butter Cake


5 Responses to guest curator

  1. I saw that on Etsy.
    I loved seeing what you picked and that is a very pretty picture of you!
    The last cake, really..
    I kind of don’t believe you:)

  2. I checked out your picks on etsy.. that squirrel in the tea cup is amazing! that cake looks to die for! going to check on the recipe now!

  3. I am just so pleased I found your blog. It is adorable! LOVELY!!

  4. oh man. that cake looks really really good!
    i knew it wouldn’t be the last of your baking too ;) I’ve been starving all day. salad for dinner. exercised. trying not look at the cookie jar…

  5. Great article on the storque! That’s how I found you here ;-) And really enjoyed reading your blog, the adventure of raising 2 girls.