Clara is finally able to sit down and patiently partake in a little crafty activity. She used to become very overwhelmed when the slightest little thing didn't work out, or her hands got a bit dirty. But we sat down to do a simple little Easter project today, and she was so patient and happy throughout the whole thing. She loved the repetitive nature of crumpling up little bits of crepe paper and dipping them in glue and sticking them to her "egg."  In between each dip, I had a wipe nearby so she could clean the glue off of her fingers… totally doesn't like sticky fingers.


I'm excited, because now I think we can have a little arts and crafts time everyday while Lillian takes her morning nap.


We also made some hot cross buns today. This was a very last minute decision, so they weren't ready until evening, hence the weirdo lighting. They came out ok, despite some questionable past due yeast and hard as rock currants. Didn't wait for them to cool to sloppily pipe on the icing. Now we have a million hot cross buns, and I believe they are best eaten on day one. aah, well, it was a fun little activity to engage in, even if they don't get eaten.  I personally think that next time, I'll get all adventurous and use chocolate chips as opposed to currants. yes. I think that would be an improvement.


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