We've just been hanging around, enjoying the sun lately. I wrenched my back doing something ridiculous, so I've been lying low. Gardening has been a bit neglected. We have yet to plant our peas! I have to get busy with that, for the whole season just sneaks up, and then goes by so fast.
I've been sorting through my fabric stash. I forget how much fabric I have, really. The sewing room turned into a baby room. Then the crafty/sewing area downstairs got smaller and smaller as toys and the play area encroached upon it.  So I relegated all of my craft supplies and fabric to boxes in the attic, leaving only my needle felting supplies and a little bit of fabric downstairs. Let's just say, if you want to start a project, even the tiniest one, you better allow a good twenty minutes to find what you need, while you root around like a mole in the darkness,  and then proceed to bang your head on the rafters numerous times. Anyway!
And now here are some pictures that are unrelated to that rant.
Clara's blondie curls…getting longer and longer!
Saltwaters Here are world's tiniest Saltwater sandals, for the tiny girl below! I notice now that the warm weather is upon us, lots of pics have been popping up of people sporting their saltwater sandals. So, here's one more! They just arrived the other day, and today it is too cold for her to be wearing them, so they are sans a foot. But this weekend, it's supposed to be like 86 degrees, so she'll be wearing them with some cute little bloomers for sure!

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