sugared violets

I’ve been making some sugared violets to decorate chocolate cupcakes. It is something that I’ve always meant to do, after I read about it somewhere, and saw how expensive sugared violets are. All you need is egg white, and superfine sugar. You just dip the violet in the egg white, (you can also use a little brush, to paint it on, as the violet sometimes folds up on itself when you dip it.) Then dip it in superfine sugar, (or sprinkle it) and voila! I am not so sure I would want to eat them, but I think they’ll look lovely on some chocolate cupcakes!




5 Responses to sugared violets

  1. Gorgeous! I have always wanted to do that too! Looks easy-how do they hold up?~Smiles~Tam!

  2. thats is something i’ve always wanted to do too! maybe youve inspired me to give it try.. as soon as the violets come up! We’re a little slow to bloom up here in WNY!
    have a great weekend!

  3. Wow. Those are simply fantastic. So very beautiful:)

  4. oh, i love these! they remind me of my grandmother and all things delicate and womanly.

  5. thanks for the tip. I always wondered how they did it.
    I linked to my blog and borrowed a photo…if you don’t want me to use the photo let me know. Thanks