I am home alone today. After having a stress filled day yesterday, my mom offered to take the girls so I could have some alone time. I think this is a much needed thing for stay at home moms…there is rarely anytime to get your thoughts in order or be inspired, because there is usually a little one who needs you in some capacity from morning to night.  So, what did I do? Well, I had grand plans to start some creative projects, but I decided to run errands and shop for plants.  The plant shopping proved to take forever.  We have a sort of sad back patio area, that needs sprucing up big time, but won’t get the full attention it needs until a later date. So I have this vision of it being like a little French garden apartment kitchen garden-y thing. We’ll see.

So, just because I am at a loss otherwise, here are some planty pics. I am rather fond of pictures of plants.







What else, what else. I am also organizing my bookmarks, and rediscovering all sorts of exciting random japanese websites filled with cute little bears. I ate a cheese laden lunch, which was not good. I swore I would have some lovely arugula salad with strawberries…but I did not. I am perusing blogs that I haven’t looked at in ages. My word, there are ALOT of good blogs out there. It is waaay too time consuming. 

Well, my alone day is over, though. It is time to go pick up the little ladies. 

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