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Here are a few pics from the past week..

Lil and her crazy hair. It will not lay flat. I think she looks like a little bird, perhaps a cockatoo. Hence her nickname, Lilli-bird.  Or Yinny-bird, a derivative of YinYin, which is what Clara calls her. What a little love bug. This is from a wee picnic we had by a babbling brook on Memorial Day.

Here, Clara hams it up with an Iris. She is getting so silly with the photo sessions; tons of funny pics. 

On the way to the farmer's market for the first time this season, we happened upon a little fawn, all huddled up by a guard rail, who must not have been able to make it over when his mama jumped. So we stopped and Jay helped the little fellow over the guard rail, and then over some barbed wire into a field. He perked right up when he was back in the field, so hopefully he and his mama were reunited. We were scared that he might not be found, and considered bringing him home to try and feed him, but soon realized this would not be wise.  As much as I thought it would be a romantic notion to have a mystical pet fawn, best to leave him there, since his mama was probably looking for him. Oh, the poor little thing. He was so new and so fragile. We named him Lou, as in Deery-Lou, of course. I hope Lou made it…

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