right now

We are eating our first salad from the garden! So tender and peppery and delicious. yum.
The peonies are finally starting to bloom. The tree peony has already bloomed in all its gorgeous-ness. Now these lovelies are starting up. My favorite flower. Lilacs are second. 


pardon the dark pictures…it's a dreary day

Fiddlehead ferns…Since I have banned sugar from my diet for a good month, I am missing getting excited over baked goods. Now I get excited over salads and other veg. I sauteed these with some garlic and they were rather tasty. I hadn't had them before, and they were sort of asparagus-y, I guess. Pretty good. Lovely to look at, and fun to eat something that unfurls from the forest floor.


Oh, and right now, there are actually some animals being made. Here is proof! I know it has been AGES since I have offered any work for sale, but I have been finding it really hard to tear myself away from the kids to get anything done. I am really enjoying just sort of immersing myself in staying at home with them, and I tend to get all flustered and irritable when I am torn in two different directions. So having fun with them has been my primary focus of late. But I need to start getting back into making stuff, because I miss being creative. I really miss it. But I am really tired after I put them to bed at night, too. sigh. How I envy all of these prolific crafty moms. How do they do it?


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  1. Elma Riedstra

    Love the pictures of your little ones:) Don;t they just grow way to fast. I can’t wait to see the new bears!! Have a great day:)

  2. A confession; Last year when said you were pregnant I thought, “Oh great–now I’ll never get the second one bought!” I’d bought Ernst the Mushroom Hunter on etsy in Fall 07 but still needed another one (two granddaughters–Christmas gifts). Anyway, I knew darned well how busy (happily so, I’m sure!) two littles would keep you. Ever heard anything so selfish? sorry. :-[ I just really want my girls to each have one of your sweeties in their collections. So let me know when and where I can buy one. yay!

  3. Hi there-
    I adore peonys too! I have a homegrown bouquet sitting on my kitchen counter right now and it makes me smile every time I go by. I wish I could of seen your tree in bloom- it must have been spectacular.
    Glad to hear you’re enjoying your kids so much!

  4. oooh that salad looks yum! Our climate is too warm here for peonies but they’re still one of my favourite flowers. I love your photos – the work in progress one is so cute!!

  5. my husband and his brother eat those fiddle back ferns like that too.. that and dandalion leaves cant remember the italian name for them. How ever did you ban sugar from your life. I can say that I will do it, but I would never be able to!
    have a sweet week!

  6. Looking at this picture again, the ferns kind of look like those huge centipedes!!! I bet somewhere somebody eats them too, and they’re delicious.
    Dandelion wine is now officially on my list of must makes…it sounds pretty easy. I didn’t see many flowers out though this past weekend…next year – we should have a big country picnic and make some! We could do a whole woodland menu too!

  7. I’m jealous of your salad greens. I haven’t tried to grow lettuce yet, but it’s too hot now. I’ll have to plan ahead next year.
    Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have a few more hours in the day along with some energy? My kids have been going to bed late now that the days are so long, which is seriously cutting into my ME (crafting) time.

  8. I haven’t got the faintest idea how ‘they’ do it. I didn’t either , lol. It took me years just to read anything longer than a mindless magazine article , as a matter of fact!

  9. I think you will find that more time will come when your sweet babies grow up a bit. The first big break is when the littlest one starts school. Then, once they turn into big kids, they just won’t want you as much any more… sniff! Lots and lots of time to craft then!
    Sweet photos, I loved them all. Esp the ones with all the crafting happening over the floor :o)

  10. Oh how I understand how you feel. I experience the same torn-ness and envy of the prolific crafty moms. But we can only do what we can do. They are perhaps gifted in ways I am not. But we each have our own gifts.
    Oh and remember the time that you’re investing in the kids now will be paid back in dividends. At least that’s what helps me when I feel melancholy about how little I get done work wise.