4 years ago…

It's hard to believe that 4 years ago, we were on our honeymoon in Harbour Island, in the Bahamas. Sigh. So much has changed in 4 years. I've just been perusing our pictures and feeling nostalgic.  It is rainy and dreary today, I am enjoying the thrilling task of housecleaning, and I  can't help but wish I could just take a little break, and head back here for awhile…


Here's us on our wedding day. We got married in our garden. Man, I was alot skinnier. Although I thought I was plump at the time.


So young and innocent! Ha!

4 Responses to 4 years ago…

  1. so sweet
    you look gorgeous in your wedding dress!
    to be young again….ha!

  2. ah, so beautiful!
    time sure does go by in the blink of an eye, doesn’t it? especially with 2 (and in my case 3) lovelies to spend the days with.

  3. Colleen Martin

    You look lovely then and you look lovely now (judging by the Martha Stewart show). I know what you mean by being ahrd on yourself and thinking you were fat when you were younger. I did the same thing, and now I look at pictures from then and wonder what I was thinking!
    BTW, So glad to see you back to blogging! Love your little corner of the world, with your cherub daughters!

  4. Wow, lovely! I think we all do that, look back and think how much better we looked and never appreciated it in that moment.