I looove these Lundby dollhouses. They are so perfect. When I was little, all I wanted was a realistic dollhouse. These would have fit the bill to a T. They were around then, of course, but a bit too lavish for our family's funds.





Lundby 1 

More info here. Check out the house with the pool. Someday…if the girls are good! :) Then I can play with them of course.  

5 Responses to dollhouse

  1. I had one of these growing up. I loved that the lamps lit up!

  2. Ok, I know you love all things tiny, but your barbie house and the dresser you had for all the accessories ROCKED! I used to love to come over and smell the woodstove and play with it.

  3. wow…this is my dream house! thanks for sharing! I can’t wait to see the new creations you’ve made! xoxox

  4. I had that exact dollhouse growing up- of course, it was a very eighties interior. My grandparents just brought it down out of the attic and it is once again with me. I have all sorts of remodeling ideas to go with it! :) Too bad I ended up with two boys who snigger at their Mother with her dollhouse and run off to play soccer. My husband isn’t much better- maybe I’ll have a grand-daughter to share it with someday.