New animals!

Here are some pics of the new animals that will be for sale tonight, on ebay, in a 3 day auction starting at 8pm EST






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link to the auctions (there won't be anything here until 8pm (EST)  

7 Responses to New animals!

  1. Oh Jenn, they are all so sweet, but the pig? I loff him! You out did yourself once again. Smooch those pretty girlies for me.

  2. oh my gosh Jenn. TOO sweet for words. I love them all but I have to agree–that little piggie is over the top cuteness. :-)

  3. i am in love with that little tigerlily. cutie!!!

  4. Elma Riedstra

    O.K. the pig is soooo adorable but then again they all are:) Just wonderful!! I would be soo happy to get any one!! I am keeping my finger,toes and eyes crossed for one.

  5. those little guys are the sweetes things I have ever seen!!

  6. all cute as can be as usual; I can’t tell by your pics on ebay but do the kitties have tails?

  7. Those are too cute for words!