out and about

Hello there…sorry for a wee lull in the posting. I had to take some time to recharge my batteries and just hang out by the kiddie pool. Well briefly hang out by the pool. We have had so much rain here lately, I have mostly been holed up inside watching the weeds in my garden grow from my living room window. Not a very nice June. Hopefully July will be better and we can get to the beach, tackle some weeds, frolic in the sun and indulge in all things summery.

Here are some pics from a little fun Victorian Weekend thingie we attended the other day when the sun was shining…

Fairy Hunting for fairies!

Spinning2 Of course there was some spinning on the front porch. I wonder how much spinning the wealthy Victorian ladies who lived in the house would have been doing, though, right? Maybe.  But the girl was wearing a lovely dress and some shnazzy shoes.

Here’s Lil in a  jaunty hat. She looks like a little servant, all dressed up in her fancy hat for her Sunday afternoon off.

Then we headed over to a historical working farm, which was so picturesque and perfect. Big-eyed Jersey cows lolling about in the shade, with their bells clanging. Fat pigs lounging in the mud under a sprawling shady maple. Horse drawn plows manned by guys in fitting attire. Clara got to grind some corn and feed the chickens. We saw some baby turkeys scurrying about as their mama tried to round them up by the vegetable patch. It was such a nice day. I only wish Clara had her bonnet.

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