black raspberry love

One of the things that is synonymous with summer, to me, is black raspberries. Every year since I can remember, my mother baked a pie with the berries we picked.  My parents have since moved from the house I grew up in with the loads of  berry bushes, but when we bought this house we were excited to find some here. So I continued our little tradition of baking a black raspberry pie every summer, up until this year, when this was our measly bounty:


I decided to make this yummy thing, which I made last summer with blackberries, and I must say it was ridiculously good with the black raspberries.


4 Responses to black raspberry love

  1. sounds amazing. okay, ours are almost ripe and i will make this. did you make that sour cherry thing because i have sour cherries and that sounded good too. you want to come over and pick blackberries? i think they will be ripe by weekend or next week.

  2. I am so going to make that. It looks soooo yummy. Thanks for posting.

  3. Kary Gonyer

    That dessert looks so old fashion. And I LOVE the photograph. I live on the Central Coast of California, and the only time I see black raspberries is when I come to visit my friend Sharon at Christmas Cove in South Bristol, Maine. But do I LOVE them.
    I’d love to make a raspberry pie, but, really, it’s just not the same without the black raspberries.
    Happy Summer !

  4. Mmm, black raspberries. I love any sort of black fruit in general, and seeing pictures like that… oh man, you can bet I’m itching to bake now!!